Everything Reminds Me Of You

Everything reminds me of you…Everything brings me back to you,Everything…No matter where I am…No matter the day nor the situation ,Something somehow will make me …
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I was living my ok life never thinking it would take this kind of turn,I was myself, loving life and trying to enjoy it to …
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If You Miss Us

If you miss us We found ourselves in this irreversible situation since the worst day of our lives this August 10, 2019 I’ve questioned and got upset …
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A Gift From God

Mandla Kadjaly  In 2007, I was chosen …Chosen among a multitude of people,Chosen among a multitude of young women,Chosen among a multitude of married peopleWithout …
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What A Beauty!

What a beauty! What a beauty!When I say this, people will always think of your outer beauty…As the creator’s hands drew you beautifully with a shy …
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