Memories from her teachers

From Alix

Mireille & Michael,   I am so sorry for your lost. My heart has never felt pain like this before. When I heard the…

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From Kristy

Mandla brought Joy to all our lives. We are better people because we know her.Kristy (Mrs Mac)

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From Kerin

What a beautiful way to honor such an amazing young lady. Mandla would be so proud knowing that she is helping other children Kerin…

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From Deandra

Mandla is being honoured at ESP too. Her kindness, leadership, and social involvement paved the way for so many others to become involved.  Mandla…

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From Kerry

Please never forget that a child as truly good as Mandla knows she is loved. Kids don’t turn out as exceptional as Mandla and…

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From Andrew

I remember being at Merc 3 years ago and they were hosting the district Science Fair that year. I remember seeing Mandla come in…

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From Stacy

I didn’t know Mandla well, but I remember her as someone who was looked up to. She had a beautiful and inviting smile, and…

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