Angel’s Wings Anniversary

Fort McMurray 4 Mandla 2021

This year again, Mandla’s family and friends gathered together to celebrate her short but so impactful life! Surprised was her mom Mireille to discover that someone …
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Fort McMurray 4 Mandla

Mandla and her family were and still are active members of the Fort McMurray community.Since the tragedy that cost Mandla’s life, the community of Fort …
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Calgary 4 Mandla

On this 10th of August 2020, Mandla’s parents and sisters, family and friends gathered together the celebrate a year of Mandla gaining her Angel’s wings.Family …
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Bad Breisig 4 Mandla

All around the world, people who knew Mandla seized this day of August 10th to celebrate her life by donating to charity. This is what Mandla’s …
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