What A Beauty!

What a beauty!

What a beauty!
When I say this, people will always think of your outer beauty…
As the creator’s hands drew you beautifully with a shy smile, fine physical traits, poise, a warm skin tone, sensitive hair type and a body which was becoming deliciously curvy as you are a product of mother Africa.

What a beauty!
My love, your beauty was foremost the inside beauty.
Your heart was pure as an angel.. You loved because love was what God asked us to spread around us.
Your heart will be hurt when you see injustice.
You will cry instead of fighting back or hurt someone.
You will stay silent instead of accusing someone because you didn’t n’t want to be the reason why they’re hurting.
You will care so patiently,
You will love so deeply,
You will think so profoundly,
You will sometimes think so maturely that you will feel inadequate among your peers…
I remember telling/teaching you  to be more bubbly, silly…
I remember us working on conversation starters.
I remember your deep interest for our motherland… “mom tell me stories of your childhood “; “ mom tell me stories of your family “

What a beauty!
Even in your artistic expression there was creativity, beauty: your drawings, your paintings, your music!

My BEAUTIFUL little girl.

Didn’t I say what a beauty?

To my Mandla K.
Dschang, October 5th, 4:54 am

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