Memories from her friends

From Ava Lynn

My favourite memory with mandla is when we were in volleyball. I was on the…

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From Danielle

I’ve known Mandla for many years. I first met her in Premier Pas where we…

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From Bella

Mandla you were my best friend you were amazing I love you so much everything…

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8 thoughts on “Memories from her friends”

  1. Mandla, I miss you so much. I miss and loved our hangout’s and you would always come to my birthday parties. I just can’t believe that you’re really gone. It broke my heart that our last conversation was the last will ever have. But don’t worry me, Glyan, Avyn, Marissa, Kylie will never forget about you and we always have you in our hearts. I miss your laughs, jokes, and all of the memories we’ve had. I hope your family is doing good. I will pray for your family and I really miss Mlaika hopefully to see her again.

    1. Thanks Hannah…. Please keep her memory alive among you girls and always be your best as that is what she thrived for…🙏🏾💕

  2. An angel just entered heaven.

    I missed a call from Patrick on the afternoon of August 10, 2019. He left me a voice message. When I listened to the voice message my heart started beating so fast and at the moment I could not realise what he said he the message. The holy spirit then spoke to me…this is your chance Karol. My first reaction was to pray for the rest of the soul of little Mandla. Then I soon realised that this prayer was not needed, she was rather an angel entering heaven. I said to her “Mandla, I know that you have just been welcomed in heaven and I know that all the attention is still on you. Please go to the hear of our father God and whisper my intentions to him.” Mandla did it right away. Then she joined the other angels to sing praises to our Lord God.
    About two weeks after that, I received my miracle. She spoke to the father on my behalf, he heard her and did it.
    She is truly watching over and interceding for us. Mlaika said that we should stop crying, but remember her, and she was right. And if I should add something, it will be to ask her to continue interceding for us, she is our precious angel. We all miss her, but she is now dwelling in the father’s house, doing wonders.
    We love you Mandla and you will always be remembered. Thank you for your intercession, thank you for your prayers. As you intercede for us, I also beg you to pray God to strengthen your family that you left behind, because I know that God alone can heal the wound that was opened with your departure.
    Thank you beautiful angel 💗💗💗

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