If You Miss Us

If you miss us

We found ourselves in this irreversible situation since the worst day of our lives this August 10, 2019

I’ve questioned and got upset at God, why you? Why only you? Why preserve me/ us? Why not later on? Why is life so unfair? Why?

I’ve questioned myself, how could I have prevented this tragedy? What did I do to deserve this punishment? Why my child? Why?

I’m still asking questions and I’m still angry and confused and overwhelmed!

But when I find myself having a bit of lucidity, because I don’t know who to turn to and what to do,

I pray that …
I pray that…

If you miss me may the Virgin Mary be your mother… May you find love and consolation in Her arms,

If you miss your dad, may God Himself be your father, may Him guide and protect you,

If you miss your sisters, may the angels play with you, make you laugh and annoy you as your sisters would,

If you miss your friends and extended family, may there be other people’s love ones to keep you company and keep loneliness away…

If you miss us, know that there has not been a day we didn’t miss you,

If you miss us, know that I/we have miss you even more.

I miss you hugs, your smile, your silliness, I miss you asking me for things, I miss your smartness, your sensitive nature, I miss your heart of gold, I miss how girly you were, I miss you be our conscience, I miss your love of science and geography, I miss being the referee between your sisters and you, I miss matching my stuff to yours….

And I know that each one of us miss you too,

See, if you miss us just know that I/ we miss you even more.

I will miss you forever 


Edmonton, Nov 20, 2019
4:13 am

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