Everything Reminds Me Of You

Everything reminds me of you…
Everything brings me back to you,
No matter where I am…
No matter the day nor the situation ,
Something somehow will make me think of you…
You my beloved daughter,
You my first child,
You the beautiful and lovely girl I loved with all my heart.

Everything reminds me of you,
From the house we used to live in to the school I loved so much to work in because you and your sisters went there, to the city we called our hometown.
In fact everything in our city reminds me of you  because of your involvement in every academic, community or sport activity …
Little kids especially girls your age remind me of you,
Mothers walking with their 3 kids always make me think of me always walking around with you and your sisters,
Billy Eilish voice reminds me of yours,
Kids playing music remind me of your love for Arts especially your Ukelele,
Black girls wearing African print remind me of your love for African clothing,
Families of 5 make me think of the family we once had,
Siblings taking care of each other remind me of how caring and loving you were,
Young girls babysitting, playing Volleyball or basketball remind me of you,
Shopping malls remind me of how you were already able to do your shopping on your own like a big girl,
Braids remind me that it was our time, mommy- daughters time when I was doing your hair but more importantly the hugs you always gave me as a thank you for making you look beautiful…
Doctors visits, trips or long ride, your stuff that I can’t or don’t want to get rid of … all that remind me of you,
Making plans remind me that you won’t be there to live or enjoy them with me…

See everything just remind me of you…
I can’t never ever not think of you


I love you more than words can express



January 4, 2020, 11:25pm

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