I was living my ok life never thinking it would take this kind of turn,
I was myself, loving life and trying to enjoy it to the fullest,
I was a mom in love with her beautiful children, dedicating her whole energy to make them outstanding human beings,
I was a wife doing her best,
I was a professional giving the best of me to the young souls which lives I had for 9 months, being their teacher but mostly an understanding and loving adult in their corner.

Everything was changed on that day, the saddest day I was given to live.

I went from living my life to the fullest and be happy and content to being lost…

My smile had disappeared,
My confidence vanished,
My willingness to raise and educate awesome citizens left me,
The joy of maintaining a happy and harmonious home faded away.

Losing you made me loose a sense of myself.
Losing you feels like living in a foreign place…
Nothing is or feels the same anymore.
Losing you is losing myself.

See, without you I’m lost.
I’m so lost I’m asking myself why not just give up.
Giving up seems so often to be the way.
I’m lost and I need to learn to live again if I can find the strength.
You were my compass,
And without my compass I am lost.

I will love you forever 


Mom (Dec 20, 2019)
From Calgary to Edmonton

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