Mandla’s Bench

Mandla’s Bench – A Symbol of Friendship and Kindness

In the heart of Fort McMurray, Alberta, at École St. Paul School, Mandla’s memory lives on in beautiful ways. Behold, Mandla’s Bench – a heartwarming addition to the school’s entrance.

This Friendship Bench is more than just a seat; it’s an open invitation to all. Whether you want to sit and enjoy a moment of peace, lend a listening ear, or make new friends, Mandla’s Bench is there for you.

It stands as a tribute to Mandla, a reminder to be a good friend, to spread love and kindness in your daily life. In the spirit of Mandla, let’s remember that every day is an opportunity to be a great person. So, take a seat, extend a hand, and make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.