A Gift From God

Mandla Kadjaly 


In 2007, I was chosen …
Chosen among a multitude of people,
Chosen among a multitude of young women,
Chosen among a multitude of married people
Without any particular talent or knowledge or merrit …

Chosen to be a carrier…a surrogate to His messenger
A beautiful soul, kind, loving, caring, intelligent, just with a little « je ne sais quoi » who will always make you stand out in a crowd.
And without even knowing it, I named you Mandla Kadjaly.

Mandla… powerful… your power can be seen in the impact you had on people that crossed your path.

Kadjaly… a gift from God!
Yes a gift that was lend to me for a short amount of time…
Only 12 years…
But Gosh, 12 beautiful years!
12 years of your light shining on me, on us.
Little did I know that you were an angel, my angel
12 short years of you helping me defining who I was and the life I wanted.

Kadjaly, a gift lended to me and taken back.
Maybe because your mission with me was done?
Or maybe because you were needed somewhere else, to shine your light in someone else’s life?

I loved being your carrier, your surrogate.
I loved every second of these 12 years!
I’m the saddest person on earth but I love you enough to let you accomplish your purpose.
Go and help someone be as happy as I was my angel
But please don’t forget me/us.

Till we meet again…

I will always love you 


Sept 13th
From Fort Mcmurray to Edmonton
9:20 pm


8 thoughts on “A Gift From God”

  1. Mandla’s favorite sport: BasketBall, VolleyBall

    Mandla’s favourite colours: Pastels especially Pink Blush

    Mandla was very proud of her African heritage and will often wear African print.

    Mandla won the first place of the Black History Month contest for Gr 4 – 6.

    She was very involved in the community.

    Mandla was very patient and was often asked to babysit.

  2. For 5 consecutive years and recommended by different teachers , Mandla received from her elementary school principal the Christian Leadership award!

  3. When facing injustice (Wether it was towards her or others), Mandla will always cry and as her mom, I was always worried that people will see that as a weakness instead of the deep concern that she had for humankind.

  4. « God’s garden must be beautiful, for he takes only the best. »
    Mandla has become another flower in His beautiful garden.

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