From Alix

Mireille & Michael,   I am so sorry for your lost. My heart has never felt pain like this before. When I heard the news, I was completely shocked. I will never understand why such a wonderful person was taken away so early in life. Mandla had so much potential and could have done anything …

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From Kerin

What a beautiful way to honor such an amazing young lady. Mandla would be so proud knowing that she is helping other children Kerin McClean Calgary

From Deandra

Mandla is being honoured at ESP too. Her kindness, leadership, and social involvement paved the way for so many others to become involved.  Mandla would be so proud that the Student Lighthouse Team has 18 members this year!Kerry has also been amazing at ensuring we are giving back to the community in honour of Mandla. …

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From Kerry

Please never forget that a child as truly good as Mandla knows she is loved. Kids don’t turn out as exceptional as Mandla and not feel loved. Mandla was the most humble student I ever met. She was so full of goodness, but she never ever thought she was better than anyone else. This is …

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From Andrew

I remember being at Merc 3 years ago and they were hosting the district Science Fair that year. I remember seeing Mandla come in with her Project, and she was smiling ear-to-ear. She was SO proud that she got to come even though she wasn’t in Grade 5 or 6. For the life of me, …

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From Stacy

I didn’t know Mandla well, but I remember her as someone who was looked up to. She had a beautiful and inviting smile, and people seemed to flock to her because she radiated warmth and kindness. I also remember her to be a leader amongst her peers; a shining star at our school academically, athletically, …

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