Fort McMurray 4 Mandla

Mandla and her family were and still are active members of the Fort McMurray community.Since the tragedy that cost Mandla’s life, the community of Fort McMurray had gathered together in numerous ways to show their support and love. This 10th August of 2020 was no different. After looking for ways to participate to the celebration …

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Calgary 4 Mandla

On this 10th of August 2020, Mandla’s parents and sisters, family and friends gathered together the celebrate a year of Mandla gaining her Angel’s wings.Family and friends living outside of Alberta were connected via zoom and attended the celebration.A priest came to bless the celebration. We also had doves (symbol of peace, hope and freedom) …

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Bad Breisig 4 Mandla

All around the world, people who knew Mandla seized this day of August 10th to celebrate her life by donating to charity. This is what Mandla’s cousins and aunties in Germany decided to do.As always Mandla’s story will move people deeply and a German journalist was so moved that he decided to write an article …

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