Fort McMurray 4 Mandla

Mandla and her family were and still are active members of the Fort McMurray community.
Since the tragedy that cost Mandla’s life, the community of Fort McMurray had gathered together in numerous ways to show their support and love.

This 10th August of 2020 was no different. After looking for ways to participate to the celebration of Mandla’s life happening in Calgary,  Mandla’s friends, teachers, school administration and even the Mayor, under the organization of our dear friend Beverley, have gathered together at the Snye Park.

Like in Calgary, the Fort McMurray family had a Pastor blessing the celebration, a release of pink and yellow balloons and refreshments.

The Mayor Don Scott, and Mme Fidler, Mandla’s school principal gave a speech, her friends shared stories about her, a community member wore the jersey of her favourite basketball player at the event and the Mayor even allowed the Canopy at McDonald’s Island to be led with Mandla’s favourite colours Pink and Yellow!

Fort McMurray has shown with no doubt their love for Mandla.

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