Mandla was a young girl who was always hurt to see how unjust and unfair life was to so many people.

Her caring and loving nature always compelled her to find ways to ease others burden. She always came up with ideas on how to help and inspire others.

Our Project is essentially to honour Mandla’s life by making sure her vision of the world is spread out.

We will honour her life by helping others especially children and underprivileged people.

“It’s a great day to be a great person” Mandla

Hello Calgary friends!

Not sure how many of you have heard, but one of my teacher friends from Fort McMurray’s daughter passed away after the family being in a car accident this month. She was only 12 years old and was such a giving and loving young woman. Her name was Mandla, and she was beyond excited to be going into grade 7. Unfortunately, she will never be able to share that first day excitement with her classmates.

Around the same time I heard the devastating news that she had left us too soon, an announcement came on the radio asking for “birthday kit” donations to the Calgary food bank for children ages 1-12. Mandla was 12 when she passed away, and I wanted to do something to honor the 12 birthdays that she was able to have here on this earth and celebrate her life.

I am looking for 12 people (or more!) to help me make up “birthday kits” for children who’s families aren’t able to afford buying the supplies for a party for their child. I believe that Mandla would have been right in there helping me with this as that was the type of girl she was 


 Always giving back, just like her mom 


Each kit must contain the following:

– 1 birthday cake mix, icing and candles
– 1 set of party supplies (plates, balloons, hats etc…)
– 1 small gift for the child (age appropriate)

Please let me know if you are willing to help me celebrate Mandla’s life by giving back to our community 


 I will assign you with an age so that we can ensure we cover all 12 ages and then have some duplicates if we have enough people interested in helping!! I am able to pick up the kits anywhere in the city, and if you aren’t able to make a kit, I will take cash donations to put towards making another kit 


Thank you so much for your consideration! I have provided a photo of Mandla below so that you can know who you are honoring as well as a photo example of a “birthday kit” that the food bank has made up on their website!