Mandla The Activist

Mandla was only 12 years old when she gained her Angel’s wings but she was quiet an activist. She participated many times in the Black History Month celebration at her school, from planning to encouraging, guiding young students in their participation, motivating friends and classmates to get involved, putting up bulletin boards, dancing and participating in writing contests (she was the winner of the contest in Gr 4) and in the fashion show.

After witnessing the murder of George Floyd from police brutality, her best friend Glyan reached out to me to asking for my help for ways to addressing racism and police brutality. Altogether with people involved in the Foundation we decided to participate in the Fort McMurray March against police brutality, racism and in support of People Of Color (POC) and Black Lives Matter on June 6th.

The Mandla’s Foundation provided water bottles to people marching.

Special thanks to Beverly Tjarera, Kim Duane Elliott, Rory O’Hearn, Nick Nicklemore, Viviane Bile, Glyan Dispo and other Mandla’s friends, Nancy Fitzgerald.




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