Fort McMurray 4 Mandla 2021

This year again, Mandla’s family and friends gathered together to celebrate her short but so impactful life! Surprised was her mom Mireille to discover that someone who knew Mandla got herself a tattoo to remember her.What a great tribute to such a young soul!Who were you Mandla? You continue to be an enigma to those…

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Birthday 2021

Happy Birthday Mandla!You would have celebrated your 14th birthday… May God keep you by His side and may you continue to inspire us to spread your love around us. 🙏🏿🌺🎂

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School year 2020-2021

Good morning everyone! Great and happy Sunday to everyone! Mandla’s Foundation donates school supplies to children in Africa (Cameroon) for the school year 2020-2021! It feels good to be great .Thanks to The Foundation #God’sAngel#it’sAGreatDayToBeAGreatPerson#Mandla

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Fort McMurray 4 Mandla

Mandla and her family were and still are active members of the Fort McMurray community.Since the tragedy that cost Mandla’s life, the community of Fort McMurray had gathered together in numerous ways to show their support and love. This 10th August of 2020 was no different. After looking for ways to participate to the celebration…

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